Why choose The Working Millennial?

We’re dedicated to quality over quantity. All of our equipment caters to residential properties and was specifically chosen to provide the best cut and to minimize wear-and-tear on your lawn. We provide timely service each week, and you can count on us to show up as promised. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will resolve any issues at the first opportunity.

What are Your areas of service?

We currently service the Castle Rock area and will be expanding in the near future. The zip codes we service include: 80109, 80108, 80104.

What's Your pricing structure and payment process?

Our base price is $38. That includes LOT SIZE up to .2 acres and smaller lot in size. Since our equipment is all geared for residential lawns, we cannot efficiently mow larger lawns beyond that size.

We only accept debit or credit card payments due to our automated billing system. We will charge your card every time service is provided. If there is an issue with your payment and your card is declined, service will be stopped and will not resume until the issue is resolved and card information is updated.

What services do YOU provide?

Our Lawn Care service includes weekly mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing off driveways and sidewalks. We also offer fertilization and aeration services at specific times throughout the year when it is best for your lawn’s health. We’re happy to refer you to one of our strategic partners for services we do not offer.  

WHat's your mowing schedule?

We mow Mondays through Fridays. We strategically focus on specific neighborhoods for optimal service scheduling and efficiency. If we experience any delays (weather, equipment, vehicle issues, etc.), we will notify you via email at the first opportunity and adjust the schedule accordingly (assume mowing will happen the following day). We are constantly adding customers throughout the year, so our arrival time may vary from week to week.

WHAT if we get bad weather?

If we experience inclement weather, it can cause delays, that can delay our service a day or more. Our mowers are designed to mow in light rain, but if our team deems the terrain too wet to mow, we will delay our schedule and arrive the next clear day.

What if i need to cancel service?

When you sign up for service, we operate with the understanding that we will provide that service for the entire mowing season (Week of April 15th to week of October 28th). If you need to cancel at any point, we simply ask that you email as well as call us to notify us of the cancellation. Until we are notified by phone or email, weekly services will continue to be provided and charged at the agreed price.

WHat if I have pets?
We’re used to working around friendly pets. However, we do recommend you keep your pets indoors as much as possible during our work. We do ask that you clean up after your pets the day before your scheduled service. Our team does not assume responsibility or liability for any loose pets if you choose to have them outside while we perform your lawn service.
WHAT if i want my grass left longer than most?

Lawns with grass taller than six inches (6″) will be charged an additional $20. Since our mowers are geared for residential service, we cannot cut lawns taller than 12 inches (12″). Please keep in mind that if your lawn is overgrown at the beginning of service it may take a couple of mowings for your lawn to get into tip-top shape under our care.

WHAT if property damage happens because of your team?

We take pride in treating your property as if it were our own with the utmost care. If damage occurs during our scheduled services, it is important to notify us within 24 hours so we may fix the issue at the first opportunity.

Do you BAG OR mulch grass clippings?

We do not bag grass, we only mulch. The clippings are good for your lawn and the environment. Mulching helps provide increased ground cover for the soil to hold moisture while also acting as a fertilizer. Clippings can contain up to 80% water and 5% nitrogen that can continuously fertilize your lawn!

Do you provide bi-weekly mowing services?

Our mowing services are weekly. For us to be efficient with scheduling and pricing, we do not offer one time mowing or bi-weekly service.

When do you stop mowing for the season?
We mow through the last full week of October, weather permitting. If you are a weekly mowing customer, we will automatically start up service again in the spring and we will send you 2 reminder emails and an official start date beforehand.

Need an estimate?


Yes, we're Millennials who actually like talking on the phone. Give us a call to tell us what your yard is like now so we can tell you what it could be in a matter of weeks.